The real me… Take it or leave it.

img_9374My name is Jessica, 26 years old and from good old St.Louis, Missouri. I am the wife of a cool guy named Josh, who is a senior financial analyst, which is not my ideal job (I’m a nurse), but he’s amazing and we balance each other out very well. I have the cutest 10 month old daughter named Ramsie Lynn, and she’s the sweetest thing in my life. I currently work part time as a pediatric nurse and am figuring how to do this mom, wife, and grown up thing. I have a crazy boxer named Kai, and he’s the most energetic guy around.

I am starting this blog to talk about real life issues, thoughts, passions, food, parenting, travel, love….the good and the bad. I would love to have responses, and thoughts commented to my post! I just ask everyone be respectful and not mean, because no one needs that in their lives.

❤ Jess


  1. I love that your doing this blog. I’m truly proud of you Jess your doing an amazing job with everything going on in your life. Rams is a very lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents. I love you all the way up to God!!!

    Always remember to put Rams and Josh first, everyone else can fall in line!!

    Love Always and forever!!!


  2. I enjoyed your blogs very much. I write one too but writing for me is hard now. I can not focus on anything long enough to write. I am very excited for you. It is a great journey and you will meet so many nice people from all over the world. Best wishes.

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