“Where is the love?”

Sunday thoughts

As people gather with their families today, some attend church, some volunteer, or maybe just take their dog for a walk and watch Netflix (shark week in particular), go for a bike ride, go to the zoo, whatever it is that you want to do.

Why do people need to judge others for the things they choose to do, the ways they spend their time? Because someone doesn’t attend a church service on Sunday, this means they are bad people and don’t believe in god? What if they believe in god, but it’s a different god than you believe in? Why does this create hate and judgement? Why does this create the need to judge others?

I don’t think our higher power would appreciate you judging others and treating them poorly because of their own beliefs and ways of doing things. If your a good person, have morals, and strive to be your best, in my opinion, your in the safe zone with the big man.

Example of judgement: A teenager who is struggling with family life, ends up pregnant and has no hope in raising a child. As a human, it is her right to decide what is best for her and her child. Adoption, raise the baby alone? The decision of adoption could give another family who is unable to have a child, the opportunity to have a family, not biological but a daughter or son they would love forever. A blessing.

Raising the baby alone, the judgement of others that she does not have a husband/partner so this makes her a Bad person automatically. Does this give someone the right to judge her because she has to do what is right for herself and her baby?

I will not get into the abortion talk in depth because this would cause an uproar, but again this topic is a make or break on thoughts of people and judgement is huge here. What if the baby wouldn’t survive/the mother wouldn’t survive so it would be medically necessary? Does this change your judgement?

Same sex relationships/marriage: Oh boy, here we go. Serious question, does two woman in love affect you personally? Does the love between two men affect you personally? Nope, didn’t think so. You can pull the religion card with this one, like most people but if there is a higher power, I would hope he would love the LOVE between two people. Who cares if it’s not “ideal” in your head. It’s reality and it’s not going to change .

I have friends/ family with same sex partners and I love them Just as much as anyone else in this world. What’s not to love? Love more people. It’s a start to making the world better!! Judgement here is again un necessary and no one cares if you want to be hateful and post mean things about them because guess what, they have love in their hearts and you DONT.

My other thoughts today are that we need to respect each other more as human beings. To treat each other as equals no matter what our skin color is, what religion we are, what we think is right or wrong, the way we raise our children, our thoughts on politics, etc. Be a good person and worry about YOU. Don’t be critical, because no one needs that in their lives.

On another note, let’s talk about greed and entitlement. Today is a beautiful Sunday and whoever is reading this should be blessed your alive and living. You made it another day in this crazy world, congratulations!

Also, Why do we feel the need to complain because our cell phone is acting slow, when a family in a third world country will never have the option of having a cell Phone? Why do we complain that our Latte is too hot? Some children in Africa will never taste clean water. Why does someone who works at Walmart or McDonald’s 40+ hours a week, not have an option of being out of the poverty level of living? If someone is working and doing what they need to do to get by, they should be respected with no judgement no matter what the career is, the same amount of respect as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a doctor. Not everyone has the option of ending up on those top notch career paths, and that’s okay!

One more thing, I have to give a shout out to the men and women out there on the front line in the police force currently. It’s unsafe, and unfair the way these individuals are treated. On a different note, we know that not ALL officers are compassionate and do the right thing in certain situations, but for the ones who do and risk their lives PROTECTING US, they should be respected 100%. For those of you officers who have been unfair due to race, no matter Black or white, then shame on you. But the moral of the point is, respect the ones protecting us, and always be thankful for the good ones making a positive difference.

I would love to get feedback on this post, but no negativity because quite frankly I’m just not willing to listen, but if you have thoughts/inputs please share! I would love to hear others opinions as long as it’s not mean 🙂


  1. Awesome post! I love you for you and they way you look at the world and the way YOU love.

    There is not a line I don’t agree with and I hope your words transcend to so many people as they are beautiful and need to be heard.


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