Oh, the places you’ll go.

img_9451-1I’m going to share and recommend some of the top vacation spots I’ve been blessed enough to travel to. Some places to party, some to relax, some to scuba dive, to study abroad, but most of all make unforgettable memories! Here’s some fun picture memories and I’ll give you a run down of my favorite parts of each place. (These are only a select few 😜)

Destin, Florida. Senior trip. The relief of high school being over. Time to laugh, let loose, play in the water, and be surrounded by your besties while getting tan. Nothing beats this spot with gorgeous baby blue water and white sand. I will continue to come here for family vacations in the future to relax and enjoy paradise!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Vacation with mom and I, before graduation. My paradise, my happy place. I loved it so much.
The smell of the salt water, the taste of the fruity cocktails (this was legal folks). I decided to get my senior pictures taken here.. best decision ever. I can show my kids that momma had it going on once upon a time, and I’m not ashamed. I wish I was as confident with my body now, as I was back then. Pure bliss.

Cancun, Mexico. Take 2- we had previously gone as a family trip, but I was too young to truly enjoy the festivities. Pirate cruise, dancing all night, nothing like being young. Not to mention the all inclusive food and drinks! Cancun is a must!

Cancun, Mexico. Take 3 – this trip was unbelievable. Post bad break up. Much needed Jess time. Got to experience this specific trip with a college best friend and we lived it up! Like Bob Marley says, our motto was “wake up and live”. Oh yeah, and our new Canadian friends got that tattooed on them in downtown Mexico. Priceless.

Negril, Jamaica. Random trip with moms again (she’s just the best). This was the point in my life when I realized my mom is the life of the party, and I needed to break out of my shell. Not to mention she’s a bombshell. I was pretty content with snorkeling, doing the Bob Marley tour, and swimming with dolphins. Again, pure happiness. Every little thing, is gunna be alright 💽. Btw, yes I’m holding a shark 🦈.

Madrid, Spain. Study abroad in 2012. Seems like forever ago, but I will never forget this time of my life. Living in our own apartment in Madrid, getting lost without knowing Spanish, dancing our lives away until 4am and smashing carbs and wine. The land of futbol and beautiful sites. Oh yes, and “studying”. I got all A’s and I passed all my classes thankfully. For you soccer lovers, yes I was there to experience the Euro cup. Spain vs Italy. I’ve never been in such a cool environment with such passionate people. Seeing Ronaldo’s locker room was my favorite. Also, I really appreciated my entire family’s constant comments upon returning about my weight gain from all the bread and pasta 🙄

New Orleans, Louisiana. Our COLLEGE spring break! We went to Florida, and New Orleans. Hurricanes, and not the weather. Gator tours, dancing on the beach, meeting new people, and just being surrounded by my nursing school family. This is a trip I will forever cherish!

Roatan, Honduras. I Saved the best for last. I was 14 on this trip, and just got certified to Scuba drive. It was my first open water dive, and the feeling of being here still gives me chills when I think about it, or look at pictures. It pops into my head vividly, and the view is just bone chilling from the beauty. I remember this was the first third world country that I had ever been to. There were children with no clothes or shoes, no homes, but small shacks, just enough to fit a very small family in. This is the moment I realized to be grateful for what I have, because there’s always someone who doesn’t have the little things in life in which we think are essential. It made my heart grow, and feel emotions I had never felt before.

We had to take a boat to our island, because the island was too unsafe for is to be on . We stayed in bungalows on top of the ocean, we had no phones, and it was purely heaven. I explored lagoons, went paddle boating, discovered new fish, swam with sharks and dolphins and was in a dream. There is so much more I could
say about all of the places I have gone, but momma is tired. Goodnight!

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  1. I wish I was as adventurous as you. I feel like I missed out on alot by being too scared to do anything on my own but I wouldnt change how things worked out for anything in this world. Two beautiful kids, a bonus super son and my husband and bestfriend.
    We have been to Gulf Shores, which was amazing, and Biloxi, not my favorite place but we had a good time.


    • Hey, everyone has their comfort levels with traveling so that’s great you go on family vacations! I think it truly creates amazing memories and they will be there with you forever, no matter where you go 🙂


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