The man of your dreams


Relationships are not always an easy thing. Disney makes love seem much easier than what reality really is. Thank you Disney. When your a teenager, you always end up dating the worst person for you, you cry, you fight, you deal with the most ridiculous immaturity, and it typically ends badly. Although it sucks, I must say that we need that to really appreciate what is to come in our future. To prepare us for someone who is truly OUR person.

I want to take the time to tell you the 7 most important parts of a relationship in MY eyes.

  1. Consistency– Seriously, I know people can relate to this one. You date someone who says their going to do something, but doesn’t end up following up. “Hey I’m going to call you in an hour”. No call. That’s just annoying and inconsistent. They treat you amazing one day, but then when their with their friends, you get put on the back burner and the sweetness is gone. Hey there inconsistency, your not welcome here.
  2. Respect– If he doesn’t respect his momma, he’s not going to respect you. This is something that someone has or doesn’t have, so if he doesn’t respect you now, don’t plan on that changing. Do you want your future husband or wife, disrespecting you? No. I hope you don’t, so if they don’t respect you. RUN
  3. Loyalty– The person you marry needs to be loyal. Again, if their not loyal in the beginning, they probably will never be. I got to learn this one the hard way. You should not have to beg your significant other to be loyal either, if your in love, loyalty comes in the ” job” description. (Just to clarify, My example was from teenage boyfriends, not my husband, haha!)
  4. Shared goals– This is another big one. You need to have similar goals in life. Why waste your time with someone who doesn’t want kids, if you do? Who doesn’t want to get married and settle down, when you do? What’s the point? Don’t just stay with them because you think you can change their way of thinking, because I promise you can’t.
  5. Strive for excellence– For me, it was so important to find someone who always strives for excellence at work, in the relationship, just in life in general. I personally, was not looking for someone who is willing to settle for “okay”, and who stops striving to better themselves in all aspects of life. This is a big quality of mine, so I wanted this matched by my partner.
  6. Passion– I think it’s so important that my partner has a passion in life. I don’t care what it is, but seeing their eyes light up about their passion is incredible. Also, you need to support their passion, even if your not crazy about it. Try something new, show your support and in return they should do the same.
  7. Have fun– when your dating I can say this is much easier than when your settled down with a family. Go out and have a crazy night! Let you hair down and treat him to a night out, and let him treat you to a night out! Order junk food and watch Netflix, play board games, talk. Do whatever you think is FUN. You HAVE to make time for this. Your going to get disinterested really quick without some fun!

I cannot deal with this video seriously, but it’s our kind of fun. (Don’t mind our daughter screaming, she loved it). 😂

I was lucky enough to find my soul mate after 24 years. My best friend. The one person who is there for me through the worst and best times. The one who stands behind me, and protects me when times get tough. The one I have no doubt I will be with for the rest of my life. He strives for excellence and is so driven with everything he does. He’s the most intelligent man I now and I’m so lucky he’s mine! Ladies, and gents, when you find that special one, don’t let them go and always make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

❤ Jess

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