NO pain. No Gain. Product review. Pilaten Suction black mask.

So, I have been using this product for a few years. If I had to sum it up it 2 words it would be “holy OUCH”. You have probably seen hilarious videos of women pulling this mask off their face, and they look like they are dying. It’s pretty amusing and I feel like you have to try it once.

After using it a few times, I learned some tricks on how to get this baby off without all of the pain. You apply a “thickish” layer all over on your face on points of blackheads, or breakout areas and thoroughly let this dry. You probably won’t be able to move your face too much after it’s dry, it’s lovely… I imagine something like a facelift. Anyways, I’ve learned you kind of have to wiggle your nose, move your mouth around and your eye brows up and down to loosen the mask on the edges. You want to pull UP, and away the opposite way that your hair grows. Also, DO NOT get this in your hair or eye brows, you will regret it.

I do recommend you trying this for the first time with a friend or significant other because you may laugh so hard, and may need some assistance (my mom was the chosen one).

The ingredients are written in Chinese as you see shown below, so if your an ingredient guru I don’t know what to tell you.

After using this, and successfully pulling the mask off you will feel like an Olympic champion. Like you just won a gold medal🥇 . You did it! You’ll also get to see all of the nastiness come out of your face that gets built up. Unclogs pores, gets rid of white and black heads, overall just makes your skin glow, (but beware it may be red for a few minutes after pulling it off).

Result pictures: sorry I know it’s gross, but you get the point of the junk coming out!


If you’re a product guru like me, and want to try something new, I think you should totally try it! It won’t hurt anything…. well maybe just some stinging but it’s worth it in my opinion! Good luck for those of you who dare to try

Click the link below to buy this mask directly off Amazon: ❤ Jess


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