Not Star Wars, Mommy light “savers”. (Life saving weapons to combat your kid)

img_9477Hey there guys, I have a little revision for this post since I’m so new at it, but I found a awesome way to add links you can click that will take you straight to the product on Amazon for purchase! So if your a mommy to be, or someone looking for a baby shower gift, here are some of my favorites!

Being a fairly new mommy, I had no idea what to register for. Do I really need a diaper warmer, what about a ton of clothes? What about a sound machine or humidifier? I suppose until the baby is here you don’t really know what is a MUST. I feel like I wasted money on some products and items that were totally unnecessary and useless.

I want to share some of my recommendations on MUST HAVE baby items! Below each item will be a direct link where you can order these straight from Amazon for convenience.

The dreaded, most amazing invention, the nose frida. Sounds gross, I know, but when you have a stuffy baby you will do anything to give them relief. This baby is top notch, the best of the best. Trust me I bought about 6 kinds, including some battery operated ones (what a waste ) and this was the most amazing! Don’t fear that the boogies will creep into your mouth, there’s a filter so don’t worry! This is Pediatrician recommended and A smart,hygienic,safe and effective solution for helping our baby’s get some relief. Link to buy❤️ – Link to buy ❤️

Saline drops. These are a must have with the nose Frida. When their boogies are hard or they are congested, this helps loosen everything up and get that drainage out! You don’t need a special brand, even the adult brands are fine. 1-2 drops in each nostril and your good to go! These are the specific ones we use but again any saline drops Will Work! – link to buy ❤️

Next is the Rock N Play, we used Graco. This was awesome because when they are little it is so cozy for naps! You can strap them in, some even rock themselves although we went with the standard version. Some vibrate for extra comfort! This was the one we got for shower and I love how gender neutral
It is, so you can use it for your next kiddo! -link to buy❤️


Baby Einstein play gym: We used this for Ramsie starting at 1 month old, this can help with sensory and motor skills as they lay on the floor, and learn their surroundings. Very colorful and cute! It plays music, lights up, and has small attachments and a mirror. – link to buy ❤️

Halo sleep sack
We use this every night, and with Ramsie being able to roll all around, the arms being out are a bonus and super safe. It gives them a sense of security and comfort, and from my experience a better nights sleep! link 2 buy❤️ Link to Buy❤️


Walkers. I don’t have a specific brand recommendation but this is amazing if you have hard wood floors because it gives them a sense of independence and allows you to be around them but also get things done, which we all know is important. You don’t need to spend a ton, research which one is right for you!

A+D ointment– we use this daily as it’s a skin barrier ointment that can help heal
And help diaper rashes! We typically use it at every diaper change to
Avoid the possibility of getting a diaper rash. This tub is huge and will last a very long time! – Link to buy❤️

Mini Mouse Booster Seat So I was not expecting to like this product as much as I do. I am a little Nervous taking my daughter to restaurants where a million
People sit, or a germ filled child sat in the booster seat they let you use at places to eat, so we take this with us anytime we’re going for a sit down meal
And it’s AMAZING! It folds up and becomes compact and SO convenient to use out! – link to purchase


Soft tip infant spoons– munchkin – these are amazing as my daughter is starting to eat more solids, they make less of a mess compared to some others I’ve tried and I absolutely love the colors! They are also very soft on their gums, while those teeth are trying to pop through which is important! – link to purchase ❤️

pampers wipes sensitive-448 count . These are my favorite wipes! They smell good, are really good for sensitive skin and In our 11 months, we have never had anything more than a VERY mild diaper rash caused by antibiotics. I’m all for pampers wipes and diapers! No question! – link to buy ❤️

Graco Pack and play (Winslet) I fell in love with this specific pack n play because of the beautiful blue but still
Girly neutral Colors, so again we can reuse for our next baby, no matter what gender 😊 -Link to buy ❤️

Graco 4ever All in One convertible car seat : I WISH someone would of told me I could’ve bought this for my baby as a Newborn and it literally transforms until they are 3-4 years old (maybe older) So I bought two expensive car seats and wish I would’ve just spent the money on the one. I love the color and it is SUPER comfy for my baby girl -Link to purchase ❤️

Pampers diapers are on my list too- here is Link for size 1’s, 216 count –

Im sure I could add a ton more but these are just my favorites! Please reach out for any suggestions or questions about baby products and I can try to help as much as possible! Just remember, safety first!

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