Airbnb review-Myrtle Beach

img_8988-1We decided to take a trip to myrtle beach this summer with our baby girl (she was 9 months). I have never been there , I typically end up
In Florida or another country but my husband was determined for us to switch it up.

Here’s some photos of the condo, and Ramsie’s first beach experience. It was even nicer than the pictures!

We continued going through options on hotels, condos, tents on the beach (ok I was kidding about that one), but nonetheless anything we found was extremely expensive for having two adults and a baby.

It was getting frustrating, so I finally downloaded the airbnb app, after a few of my friends raved about how great it was. I was a little hesitant at staying at some randoms home, but I did my research and we found a condo right by the beach, which was in our price range, and a two minute walk from major shopping centers and things to do.

It was quiet, but also surrounded by restaurants in walking distances which was lovely with having our baby. We could safely walk on the sidewalks, and down to the pier.

Our entire week in the condo ended up being
slightly less than 1,000 dollars including tax. The condo had a personal pool, fully stocked kitchen, all appliances, beach toys, umbrellas, towels, the whole nine yards. It was convenient and pretty freaking awesome.

I am sad that I did not think to use this app quicker. People list reviews after staying here, to let you know if it made their vacation great, or made them run in the other direction and don’t worry, people WILL warn you about the bad ones.

Our hosts’ were so sweet and left us a goodie box full of things we may have needed extra of (sunscreen, toothpaste, lotion, koozie cups) , and left great tips for things to do, places to eat, etc.

I feel like in the future this will be the route we use every time , whether if we need a condo, house, or some people just rent out one room. This app is all over the world so if your an adventurer, than this PERFECT for you!

If you have been wanting to try AirBnb, then here’s a link that will give you a nice little coupon if your a first time member!

Click link below 👇🏼
Airbnb 40$ off, PROMO JESS

❤ Jess

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