“If only there were vaccines for all cancers… we’d be lining up, wouldn’t we?”

Hello parents, or future parents, let’s talk vaccines. Whether you are pro or anti vaccination- let’s lay some facts out. I am a pediatric nurse, so nothing bothers me more than seeing anti vaccination memes on Pinterest that are supposed to be funny. Your child’s life or death status is funny? Everyone should really dig deep to get more educated on vaccines before deciding “NO VACCINES”. My information is coming straight from the CDC a website, so it’s not my opinion, these are research based facts.

Some diseases that are prevented by vaccines, like pertussis (whooping cough) and chickenpox, remain common in the United States. On the other hand, other diseases are no longer common in our country because of vaccines. However, if we stopped vaccinating, even the few cases we have in the United States could very quickly become tens or hundreds of thousands of cases.

This is targeted to Parents of Infants and Young Children (birth through 6 years old)
I will do another article for older children, another time. This is already a lot of information I don’t want to overload you anymore than I already am.

  • Here’s a list of 14 preventable vaccines that we all forgot about (because most of us are vaccinated against them, they are very uncommon, due to the fact of the large numbers of vaccinators in the US! )

Chickenpox (Varicella) ⬇️




Flu (Influenza)⬇️


Hepatitis A⬇️

Hepatitis B ⬇️. (Annoying meme example)


Hib ⬇️












Whooping Cough (Pertussis)⬇️

Common parent statements: “If your child is vaccinated, why are you worried about them catching anything from my child?”

Working in the pediatric intensive care unit, I saw many kiddos that were too sick to receive vaccines, as well as children on chemo which suppresses their immune system- some kiddos are also too young to receive some of these vaccines so it’s important to protect them by getting vaccinated!

I hope people get some good information out of this post! Have a wonderful day guys!

❤ Jess

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