“When anxiety takes over.. Written by somebody with extreme insomnia.” 

Hey there guys!

Jess here. I’m sitting here in bed at 2:50 a.m, just pondering away because my brain literally will not shut off. I know anxiety is a natural part of living (to an extent). There can be positive, and negative anxiety, and I think mine is leaning towards the glass half empty type of anxiety. Most of the time my anxiety causes insomnia (the reason I’m lying here awake). It’s great, said no one.

I have found some things that seem to sometimes  improve my anxiety, so maybe if you struggle with this, they may help you too:

  • Use a diffuser (Bri, don’t worry I will be getting one of these shortly, but SAHM status has put a holt on this.) Lavender is a godly scent for relaxation.  
  • Remove yourself from uncomfortable situations/toxic relationships 
  • Reduce caffeine and sugar intake  
  • Don’t over analyze a situation, that is beyond your control.  
  • Refrain from being alone for long periods of time 
  • Daily exercises and healthier diets 

  • Reading a book 📚. This one never fails but is hard to do when trying to put down a 11 month old who constantly fights sleep. Good thing she’s cute.

My husband actually wrote this book- check it out! Stitches On A Canvas Summary below⬇️

“There she stood, in all her glory, rain slowly dripping down her shaking hands. That’s the day he saw her for the first time. Blake Nichols, senior Pre-med student at University of Maryland, had a decision to make. One path would lead him away from Colette Knight, another student at the University of Maryland. The other path, would lead them down the vicious, heart wrenching road that love travels. With one choice, he loses Colette, but with the other choice, they both lose their sanity.”

Fun fact about this book: He wrote this in college before we met and there is a nurse in the book who he absolutely hates, and her name is “Jessica”. Wow right?

  • Breathing techniques– too much to type but I have actually found this useful especially before bed. ⬇️ 
  • I have also invested in some meditation recordings specifically for insomnia and falling asleep. It worked a few times, I just haven’t been as consistent as I should be (as I’m typing away at the crack of dawn). Link here ➡️ Insomnia meditation recording . The mans voice is very monotone, but hey that’s the point right? Soooooothing.

Hope some of you get a benefit out of this post if you do struggle with insomnia or anxiety worse at night. Worst case, you could buy my husbands book, not gunna lie it’s pretty good, and if your lucky he might sign it for you 😂. So proud of him, all jokes aside!

Sleepy time

My pregnant belly, and a sleepy dog -click to watch on my Instagram!

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