• Toasted Pita Recipe• A “GO TO MEAL” for Moms, Dads, and Busy Individuals (aka, everyone).                     

If you’ve had a rough day at work, or are a stay at home mom and are too busy with the kids to make a gourmet meal, this recipe is for you. Also, if you simply just don’t feel like cooking one night, you fall into this category as well. We’re all guilty of it, so don’t pretend like you’ve never had “those nights”. 

I’m sure there are similar recipes out there to this, but I made it on a whim with extra ingredients we had lying around so they would not go to waste. 

“Americans may be more environmentally conscious and health food-oriented these days, but that isn’t preventing each person from trashing $640 worth of food, on average, each year, according to a USA Today report”. 😲 💸💰

I try not to be one of those statistics,🔝 so we’ve learned if we buy it, it better get eaten. No excuses in the Pope household. Thinking about it, I am escaping this statistic, and I escaped the teen pregnancy statistic, so win win for J Pope

We had some salami left over from a party that ended up being canceled, some feta from a dish I made a few days before, some pizza sauce, Pita pockets that we used for lunches for a few days, shredded mozzarella and spices in our pantry. 

So I figured hey, let me try something super easy with these leftovers and see how it turns out.             

My husband acted like it was the best meal he’s ever had, and it literally took me 6 minutes to prepare and 10-12 minutes to bake. (Maybe he was just trying to be super nice since I’m now a SAHM and he knows how stressful that can be.) 

Anyways here are the ingredients I used: 

  1. Pita pockets- you can get these from any grocery store. We normally get the whole wheat, but my hubby grabbed regular instead, which is still perfect! 
  2. Oregano 🌿
  3. Basil🍃
  4. Pizza sauce- choose your preference of brand. 🍕
  5. Container of either feta, or crumbled goat cheese.🧀
  6. Shredded mozzarella 🧀
  7. Love- When my hubby makes a new dish for us, I always try to guess the ingredients, but he always makes sure to remind me that the most important ingredient he added is LOVE. Lmao, okay again, he’s sucking up for something. Men…. haha I’m just kidding. It’s so sweet, take notes gentleman, every woman deserves a charming partner. 🌹❤️😍

                 • 5-6 minute prep and bake guide• 

• Pre heat the oven to 350 as your putting this together 🌡 

Lay out Pita pockets on a baking sheet, I normally put aluminum foil down as well, but these typically don’t stick so it’s your preference! 

 Next I add the sauce (for a healthier option you could use a brand with less sugar OR an organic brand as shown below. Just choose your go to. Your favorite! Add about 1 1/2 heaping tsp of the pizza sauce onto the Pita bread, and you can use your judgement for this. (If you like a lot of sauce then add more, if you like less, add less) Very simple. Wing it. 

Next step is adding deli meat salami onto the pitas, I normally make this with 3 pieces on each, but we had guest so had to make what we had work. Remember this is from leftovers, so as I said before, wing it! 

You’ll now add the basil and oregano. I normally would use fresh basil because it’s healthier and better flavor but for this recipe, but we used what we had which were the dry spices in containers. I don’t get crazy with these measurements since I just go with the flow and normally use my eye judgement on how much to add. But ballpark, maybe 1/2 tsp of each on every individual pita over the salami.

⚠️ FYI: Make sure you spread this evenly so you don’t take a huge bite of straight spices. No bueno 🤢😷Next step, whip out the feta, or goat cheese and sprinkle on top. Your preference on how much you want to use. Feta and goat cheese are my favs, so I don’t mind packing a good amount on them! Last and final step is adding the shredded mozerella,  I use low fat, but again it’s your personal choice on that, as well as the amount you put on. Remember you already have one cheese on there so you don’t want to go too overboard. Last but not least, pop these bad babies in the 350 degree oven, and let bake for about 10-12 minutes. Some people like their cheese browned, others don’t, but avoid over cooking as it could get super crunchy. Use your preference at what time you take these out but I don’t recommend longer than 14 min (10-12 is best)                                         

                            • Final Product•This particular Pita had extra sauce added per my guest request. As I said- you can lightly sauce or add LOTS of sauce. 

Another beautiful thing about this is, you can add anything you’d like. If you have extra veggies that need to be used? Throw it on there! It’s basically just a mini pizza,  but this was our “leftover meal” edition. 

I hope you try it out and enjoy! It’s been a hit with my family and I’m sure would be a hit for yours as well. Comment with feedback or questions. 

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