Summary of my 7 day water challange. (Stages)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been doing in the last 7 days. 

I ended up randomly thinking to myself, what would happen if I only drank  water for an entire week? No juice, coffee, milk, soda, etc. I did my researching and this is what I found: 

            Benefits of only drinking water 

  • Your mental creativity and performance will be boosted
  • You’ll age more slowly 
  • Your immunity will be strengthened
  • You’ll have a stronger heart 
  • Your bones with be strengthened 
  • You’ll lose fat 
  • Your metabolism will be enhanced
  •  It keeps things moving, digestion-wise
  • It helps endurance athletes fight fatigue.
  • Can help prevent certain types of cancer 
  • Can improve mood 
  • Can help prevent headaches naturally 
  • Keep our kidneys working 
  • Gives us energy 
  • It protects our joints and cartilage
  •  It helps us think more clearly

I could keep going but I will stop boring you with my list. Obviously drinking water is encouraged for our hydration, but the many other benefits are just a bonus. So me and a few girls tried this. Ladies, you know who you are, please comment below or on my Facebook comments to give a summary of your experience, btw you guys rocked it! 

So the night before, I started by making this super cheesy “water measuring tool”  by using a milk jug container and wrote a little inspiration on it as shown. (I’m a dork, I know… my husband reminds me of this daily). This was so helpful during the process so I suggest you do this! An entire milk jug filled with water is over the recommended amount of water per day, but I did try to finish it the best I could. You should be getting around 8, 8 oz glasses of water per day (that is what is recommended). 

I had an issue with this because I literally do not do well with drinking water, I mean I have to force myself to drink it daily. It doesn’t taste bad obviously but it’s just blah. After being a nurse for 5 years standing on my feet, I realized I NEEDED to make myself start drinking more to keep up with my baby, and long shifts of working on my feet. 

Day 1: This was hands down the hardest day. I had a headache throughout the day from not drinking coffee, and I felt bloated from the amount of water I was guzzling down. It was exhausting. I felt hopeless and felt defeated. 

Day 2: I Still had a small headache but that improved from the first day, but I still felt bloated and thought to myself “I have 5 more days of this”, crap how can I do this? I continued to push myself and noticed I was urinating  more frequently obviously and soon my urine became clear and my body seemed to be flushing out the icky toxins. 

Day 3: On this day, I REALLY craved coffee. I’m not sure why because the day before I didn’t have too many cravings for coffee or soda. So again, telling myself “you can do this, only 4 days left). The bloating Began to fade, and not to get too personal but my digestive system was working better than usual. Things were flowing better which was one of my goals. Hooray! 

Day 4: On this specific day, I started working out more, and felt more energized and felt like I could keep going, and not die after my workouts. I didn’t feel the need to go lay down because my energy levels were so high, and I felt good. Bloating completely gone. No headaches or craving for other beverages. This is when the water started growing on me. Day 5: We took baby girl to the park, and I always encourage water for her when we’re outside being active. So I took my own advice and used that to my advantage; when she drank I drank. I even set alarms on my phone for every 15-20 minutes to take some triple shots of water! Remember that drinking game in college where you drink a shot after every new song comes on? Kind of like that, but mommy style. No bloatings, nor cravings anymore. No headaches. Energy levels up. Better mood. Decreased anxiety and just overall  “feeling myself” in the words of Beyoncé. Day 6: By this point the water became instinct and I didn’t need to remind myself to drink it, I started doing it naturally. Again my digestive system was working well, clear urine, more energy, overall mood improvement and the eagerness to be more active. It started tasting less “blah”. Also bonus, a few of my acne spots were clearing up! I by no means did this to lose weight, my weight is healthy for my height and age, but I did notice my little “pudge” from having a child was decreasing. I think I blame this both on working out (focusing on abs) and drinking more water. Day 7: Today is now day 7, and so I can’t give you a schpel on how my day went, but for how well my day went yesterday I don’t think their will be many changes. Overall I am feeling great, and currently wide awake as I’m writing this at 1am. 

I think my “water challange” was very beneficial and I plan to continue mostly only drinking water daily and meet the recommended intake per day, unless it’s a very special occasion.  Try it out, unless your obsessed with coffee or sodas, you can make it work….. and even if you are, suck it up buttercup you can push through and do it and see awesome outcomes and changes with your body! It’s totally worth the hardships! 

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