“10 Excuses People Use to Skip Exercising”

As a full time momma, and part time Nurse-many things on this list sounded VERY familiar to my life, up until few months ago. Motivation and dedication to stay active can be challenging when we have careers, relationships, marriage, children, family & friends which can take up much of our time. I want to give you a list of the •Top 10 Excuses People use TO NOT Workout & Tips On Ways You Can Help Decrease Your Daily Excuses.•

Excuse #1: I can’t afford a gym.

The cost of gym memberships can vary depending on population level (location), membership levels, and amenities.— from $10 a month to more than $200/monthly. 

According to Statista.com, nearly 55 million Americans were members of a fitness center as of 2015. But here’s the truth — 67 percent of people with gym memberships never use them 

I am someone who is a part of that 67 %, so if you fall into that category with me, the only weight you’ll lose is from your bank acccount. This just reminded me I haven’t cancelled my gym membership, after not using it for 6+ months, so with my husband and I combined, we’ve lost out on over $120 dollars in 6 months…. doing that this week✔️ 

Tip: Instead of putting your fitness dollars down the drain with an unused gym membership, look for more affordable solutions like creating a simple home gym and joining An online program, which provides unlimited, streaming access to hundreds of workouts for a reasonable price! 

 The result: More muscle and results for less money. (Ask me for details!) 

I recently purchased these ⬇️

 Excuse #2: I’m way too tired to exercise.

As previously stated, our lifestyles leaves us feeling busy and busier and after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and workout, trust me I know the feeling. 

“When I ask people to give me one word for how they feel most often, whether it’s a high school athlete or a group of leaders, they consistently use the word ‘tired’,” says Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D., sports psychologist at Mind of the Athlete in Bethlehem, PA. “And it’s not just a physical fatigue. It’s a low emotional energy leaving us feeling negative and drained.” All this leaves us wanting to skip workouts to preserve what little energy we have left.

Tip: When you feel too tired to work out, Spencer says the solution is… to actually work out. “Working out is almost paradoxical. It can make your muscles physically tired, but you’ll actually feel more energized from it.” Once you start sweating, Spencer explains, “your body will start releasing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and natural endorphins that will make you feel better. You may need to find a mantra that helps to train your brain to overcome your tired body’s reluctance”. 

Set a reminder in your phone calendar to pop up with positive notifications or quotes, to motivate you before a scheduled workout. Having a motivational or inspirational word before you workout, can help boost your mood and “get you in the zone”, to allow yourself to push and give your 100% during your workout and feel more encouraged while doing it. Examples: ⬇️

Excuse #3: I need more motivation than losing weight to hit the gym.

This was ME. Losing weight was not a concern for me, but toning and my general health was. I had to do some deep soul searching to find my reasonings but after digging deeper, I realized they had been standing in front of me the whole time. MY daughter Ramsie and husband Josh

Do some soul searching yourself and realize what is important to you, and “why” having a healthy lifestyle is important. Do you need to lose weight, so your physically more healthy? Do you have a mental condition that could be improved by working out, by making you feel good not only on the outside, but more importantly on the inside? This is especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Do you have low self esteem, and need “that boost” to get you feeling better about yourself? There are SO many reasons for working out and you need to find yours. 

Tip: Reward yourself for meeting your fitness goals. Do you love massages? I do!  Book one at the end of the month if your hitting your goals and more importantly for NOT GIVING UP. That itself deserves a reward.  If your not into massages,  then plan whatever it is you LOVE, treat yourself! 

A healthy lifestyle isn’t about deprivation — it’s about celebration. Eat foods that make you feel good, find workouts you like, and by all means, treat yourself when the time is right!

Excuse #4: I don’t have time.

If you have kids, or are commuting to and from work, have a career, and other responsibilities daily, it can be difficult to fit a workout in your daily schedule. I work as a nurse and as a mom, so this is relevant to me. I know there are only so many hours in a day, and most of the time that never feels like enough time to accomplish what I need to. Workouts, typically get put on the back burner on peoples’ priority list. 

Tip:  Instead of trying to find time to work out, think about how you can make time. Find a small window in your day that is free of commitments and let this be, YOU TIME. After work? During a lunch break? The time commitment can be minimal. If you can allow yourself 20-30 minutes a day dedicated to your fitness, you will have all the time you need to get into shape, and looking & feeling good. 

Currently I am participating in several workout programs that are less than 20 minutes per day, some 30 minutes. The beautiful thing is I can do these workouts from ANYWHERE, because technology is AMAZING and allows us to do that these days. 

“Many of us have ‘fear of missing out’ and so we have difficulty saying ‘no’ to things,” explains Spencer. “The key is learning how to say ‘no’ to some things and ‘yes’ to taking care of ourselves.”

Excuse #5: I don’t like working out alone.
Unless you have a crazy large supply of internal motivation, most do not like working out alone, they need a push. Working out with a friend can make your workout time fly by and allow you to push yourself a little harder.  You have a buddy, you have encouragement, and someone to hold you accountable for completing your daily dose of fitness- be mindful that this person needs to be strong willed, and stern to not allow you to skip out on a workout, or allow you to give anything less than your 100%, and you need to do the same for them. 

TIP: Ask a friend to meet you for a nighttime run   after work or at the park on the weekends. See if any co-workers want to join you for a 30 minute workout or take a walk after your work day is over. 

“Exercising with a partner or a group increases motivation and consistency”

If you don’t have any friends who are into getting themselves into shape, then find other individuals who may be doing a ” fitness challenge” or have the same goals as you. I’ve made so many new friends on social media, who I can count on, to push me and hold me accountable to complete my daily exercises, which led me to become a fitness coach, hosting monthly challenges for people, welcoming them into a group with positivity, motivation, and inspiration, and most of all giving them accountability and resources to ensure they are getting the results they are striving for. 

For me personally, I prefer relying on social media to get my challenge groups together. I get to make new friends all around the world, and can easily find others’ with the same passions, interest’, and goals as me- and we can accomplish them together with the beauty of simple technology. I love my family more than anything, but I see more and more excuses from them, in comparison to new people  I find online with similar careers, goals, and interest’. 

Excuse #6: I’m too old, too fat, too uncoordinated, and embarrassed to have others’ see me exercise. 

I totally understand when other individuals’ do not feel comfortable being in their own skin, especially when they already have low self esteem and  feel “flawed”. They do not want others’ seeing them struggle through workouts. It can lead to a feeling of embarrassment, decreased drive, more excuses, and create a deeper dive into lower self esteem issues. 

Whether you feel too old, too overweight, or ridiculous in workout wear to break a sweat, there is a simple solution. Start small, but start with something.

TIP: Try to start by going on a walk, invite a friend and become one with nature. 

“Walking is the best way and the first step to get a person moving forward. Often times, people won’t even realize how far they have gone, or how many calories they burned!”

What I currently do, which is a great option are video workouts. I do them in the privacy of my own home and I can pick and choose through workouts that are appropriate for my current ability and fitness level.  Visit and like my Facebook page, @ Jessica Pope Fitness FB Group to learn more about my  “challenges” that I host monthly, where you can meet new people online, who all have the same goal. I also post recipes, blog articles, fitness tips, meal planning tips, etc. It’s fun, but requires dedication and hard work- I would love for you to join one of my challenges so I can introduce you to an amazing option for exercising while providing you all the resources you need to succeed with your goals. 

It’s fun, and I absolutely love my role as a coach! Step out of your comfort zone, and at least learn about it, there is nothing to lose by doing that ( besides some weight, if that’s your goal). 

 Excuse #7: I get bored easily 
A lot of people cringe thinking about being on a treadmill in a gym or taking the same exercise class over and over. 

The key to beating boredom is to find a workout program that both caters to your fitness level and that you actually look forward to. It’s also important to switch things up every few weeks or months so that you don’t fall into a “routine.”

TIP: If your gym doesn’t offer a vast selection of classes to choose from, consider signing up for an online program that allows includes a variety of workout programs from a handful of the nation’s top trainers that includes a range of exercise styles and intensities (This is what my husband and I use, and it’s been a life changer.) 

Again ask me for more details if your interested! There’s something for every personality, exercise preference, and fitness level. It has been the biggest  blessing for my family and I. 

 Excuse #8: I don’t like to sweat

This one is a little silly, but true. I think sweat is just proof that your kicking butt and taking names but excersise does not mean grunting, groaning  and being covered by sweat.

TIP:  There are many workouts that are effective that burn calories, where you don’t end up drenched in sweat. You can try programs that focus on stretching and controlled movements in a slow paced setting. Yoga would be an example of this. Once you work up your strength, and feel stronger and more comfortable you can move onto more advanced exercises- remember starting small is better than not starting at all.

 Excuse #9: I’m a full-time parent.
Now that I am a mother, I can talk about this and have an opinion on it. Ive noticed that any topic that comes up regarding children, you truly will never understand until you have them. Kids are the best, and being a full time mommy is my favorite job. I feel that it’s my purpose in life, but I’ve also realized the importance of finding ways to stay active and exercise even with my daughter around. 

TIP: Get creative. If you have older children, allow them to lightly participate so they feel included. My daughter loves watching my husband and I work out. She’s 2 weeks short of a year old, and she just giggles and gets a kick out of watching us jumping around, and doing workouts together. If you workout with your spouse, like I do a lot, it shows your children team work, and the importance of healthy relationships with family, friends, etc. She gets to see us working together, keeping each other accountable, and most of all having fun (not all days are “fun”) unfortunately, but the results are worth it! 

I think this can also teach kiddos the importance of health at a young age  (now days kids sit inside on their iPad or cell phone, and completely avoid being active). 

Personally, this is not okay with my parenting style and I won’t allow my daughter to sit in a house making technology her #1 priority – I want her to experience memories by being active and participating in sports or acitivies with others’ and being outside soaking up the beauty of nature. I vividly remember my childhood. It was so full of color and adventures. 

My workout program has a parent/ child workout now, so I CANT wait until she’s old enough to participate, even if it’s just a tiny bit. It’s fun, and you will become even a bigger role model than you already are in your child’s eyes eyes. Best feeling EVER! 

Excuse #10: I don’t like to work out around people who are of the opposite sex. 

If the opposite sex makes you self-conscience to break a sweat, find ways to overcome your fear.

TIP: As I said before, thankfully we have technology, so we are able to avoid this. If you feel uncomfortable than solve the problem and work  out in your own home. When I used to go to the gym, I can’t say I was super comfortable. It was a little awkward sometimes and I felt like I looked silly most of the time. I try not to care what others’ think, but it’s human nature so you can only control those feelings to an extent. Also, if you do prefer the gym, see if they offer gender specific classes, or areas to workout. 

Working out in the comfort of my home! ⬇️

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and hope you take the first steps to a healthier you! It is so important, and it’s never to late to start! Jump out of your comfort zone and say “yes” to make a change! 

Please contact me if you want more information on joining one of my monthly challenges, or if your simply looking to find a great exercise regimen you can have in your home setting with a ton of resources! 

Looking to make extra income? You can do this simply by helping yourself and others’ on their road to a healthier lifestyle! 

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